Poem Self-confidence:

(Specialists 7 + 1habits, or Parents guide their children to read aloud and fill out the application form)
Composition for children participating in the program of self-made 7habits of Education Vietnam

I thank my parents
Caring for the baby every day
Thank you
Do not administer teaching

I promise to grow up
Self-confident and self-confident
7-ha-bits companion
Strengthen your child

Every good work done
Now be noted
Financial finances
Partial savings
The expenditure for yourself

Common tasks
(Individual, study, housework)
Helps to stay healthy
More financial funds
Definitely do good

Then comes the creation
To increase efficiency
Parents also rewarded
Promote strong children

Additional tuition fees
Money, clothes
And learning tools
I will do it myself
By this financial fund
Parents immediately recognized
Increase self esteem

Other enhancements
Self study and practice
Mother quickly recognized
I constantly improve

Every month I do well
To be excluded once
With friends on their own
Teacher instructed more

The first 21 days
Then month, year
When the child is eighteen (18)
It will be huge
Success and Happiness

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